Join us on this Journey…we are with You!

All my life I have heard from others…”I wish I could do that! You can do everything! You are so creative!” or ” I don’t have any talents! I can’t do anything!” Well I am here to tell every woman out there that you are each talented and blessed in your own way.

Proverbs 31:10-31

If you read Proverbs 31:10-31 you will see that all of you are sewers, managers, investors, importers, organizers, event planners,cookers, cleaners,…and so much more! Organizing a party or a fun schindig…now that is my fortay but ask me to organize a drawer or a closet(my mother worked sooo hard trying to teach me these skills)….and now here is the big one….keep it that way???? Not in this life time!I think I spend half my life saying…Now where are those scissors…where is that glue?

A “Rare Bird” began with $500 and a huge desire to share creative ideas that were fighting to get out of my crazy head.
Growing a business is not easy but I have found you surround yourself with a really good team, have the support of an awesome family and put it all in the Lord’s hands. He will guide you along the path you should go.

I believe in laughter! I believe in fun! Add a lot of hard work… and a bunch of prayer… there you go… Recipe for success!
So… “do your part” and enjoy your Rare Bird pieces of art! Know that each piece was made with much love and care, just for YOU!
Come along with us and become a LOVELY RARE BIRD (LLB)… Welcome to the Family!